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Wow! Ladies first on the BOW !

Our women's trip requires a lot of preparation, good equipment for long-term mountain hikes, but also specialized equipment to ensure safety, that the venture can be successful, we need the financial support of all people who are kind to us. For those who would like to support us with a donation, we provide the account number provided to us by the “Zdrowa Natura” foundation:

We really want our trip to have a humanitarian and charitable dimension. Part of the funds we collect for the expedition is allocated through the "Zdrowa Natura" foundation from Leszno and the "Warto Pomagać" foundation from Oleśnica - for the rehabilitation of disabled children.

We don’t go only to ourselves.

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with a note: „LUKKARPAT“ 

Poneering women's trip to the Carpathian Arch.

We, two extraordinary Womans (not teenagers) are going to cross the entire Carpathian Mountains from Romania to Slovakia. It seems to us that this will be the first female transition of this type. Only female - without male support (helping male hand or back). Due to time restrictions and a number of obligations we must fulfill, the expedition will be divided into two stages. Romania, Ukraine - first stage; Poland, Slovakia - second. It may be a little less spectacular but we will keep our site and blog for longer, and because we often have various funny situations, we believe that you will not be bored with us. Impressions we provide ourselves and you

Duration of trip:

1-st stage: June 15 - August 5 2020 r.

Orientation route (details in preparation): Orsova (Romania) - Ustrzyki Górne (Poland) about 1200 k

The nature of the trip:

Hiking, mountaineering; the less elements of civilization the better: we have everything we need with us, we leave the trail only to supplement the provisions.

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Wow! Ladies first on the BOW !

Shared by foundation: „Zdrowa Natura"

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